Morinaga & Co., Ltd. "Twig [Pie cream puff flavor]

Morinaga & Co.'s chocolate confectionery "Koeda" brand will release a new product "Koeda [Pie Cream Puff Flavor]" on October 22nd. A collaboration with the handmade cream puff shop "Beard Papa".

The twigs are stick-type chocolate confectionery that you can enjoy the fragrance of crushed almonds and mild chocolate with a milky feel. It features a crispy texture and a delicious aftertaste.

Introducing this time is a twig inspired by the taste of Beard Papa's popular product "Pie Cream Puff". The crispy texture of the choux pastry is expressed by adding "Madagascar vanilla beans seed", which is a specialty of Beard Papa's, to white chocolate and adding ingredients such as fiantine and puffs.

There are two types, a box type containing 44 pieces (4 pieces x 11 bags) and a pouch type containing 116g (4.09oz). The estimated price is 194 yen (tax included) for the former and the open price for the latter. Both have the Beard Papa's logo and brand color on the package, so use them as a guide. Limited time until late November.

Morinaga & Co., Ltd. "Twig [Pie cream puffs flavor]
Pouch type