Autumn Shiro Noir "Osatsu Noir" at Komeda Coffee Shop

At Komeda Coffee, the seasonal Shiro Noir "Osatsu Noir" will be released on October 1st (excluding some stores). Limited time until late November. The tax-included price is 750 yen for the full size and 550 yen for the mini size (depending on the store).

Cream, sauce, dice and "sweet potato sushi" Shiro Noir. Sand cream using sweet potatoes from Kagoshima prefecture on other Danish pastries. Anno potato sauce from Tanegashima is sprinkled on top of the soft serve ice cream. Topped with sweet potato dice that looks cute and crispy.

The mellow cream that leaves the sweet potato's sticky mouthfeel, and the sauce that allows you to fully enjoy the sweetness of Tanegashima's Anno potatoes, goes well with soft serve ice cream. Why don't you enjoy the taste of autumn at Shiro Noir, which is irresistible for sweet potato lovers.