Komeda Otsukimi Full Moon Burger

Komeda Otsukimi

Full Moon Burger

Autumn 2023

I actually tried the Otsukimi Full Moon Burger, a seasonal menu item offered at Komeda Coffee Shop! It will be available from September 6 to late October. The price ranges from 750 yen to 820 yen (depending on the store).



Moon Burger The Full Moon Burger, which was sold last year and was very popular, is back. It is made with lettuce, a thick and juicy hamburger steak, cheese, and an egg omelette that is reminiscent of a full moon, all sandwiched on a large bun. As you continue eating, the yolk of the egg omelette melts and overflows, adding sweetness and richness to the cheese and hamburger. The sourness of the sausage is also said to be a perfect match.

Tasting the

omelet, it was huge ! This is Komeda! It's like a full moon! It's so big! I'm already excited just by looking at it. It looks so good! I had it cut in half because it was too big.

Komeda Otsukimi Full Moon Burger
Compare with regular size iced coffee

Komeda Otsukimi Full Moon Burger

The soft bun, crispy and fresh lettuce, and plump and juicy hamburger steak are thick enough to please me. When you bite into it, you can feel the presence of each ingredient. The whole dish is held together by the rich, tasty, and acidic Southern sauce!

Komeda Otsukimi Full Moon Burger

The yolk, which overflows with a thick, mellow flavor, adds to the mellowness of the dish. Yummma~! The egg omelette also has a plump white flesh, and eating one is quite satisfying. Both adults and children will be addicted to this delicious dish.

A popular menu item is back! The Komeda "Otsukimi Full Moon Burger" is only available this season. If you are interested, check it out as soon as possible!

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