Bath Salts "Bikkuri Tamago Komeda Coffee Shop" lineup of 6 types

Bath Salts "Bikkuri Tamago Komeda Coffee Shop" Lineup of 6 Types

Bandai Life Division will release "Bikkuri Tamago Komeda Coffee Shop", a collaboration between the popular coffee shop "Komeda Coffee Shop" and "Bikkuri Tamago", a bath salt with a mascot coming out. The release date is October 30. The price is 495 yen (tax included). The product will be sold at mass merchandisers, drugstores, toy stores, and the daily necessities and toy sections of electronics retailers. Mixed fruit flavored hot water.



Komeda Coffee Shop "Bikkuri Tamago Komeda Coffee Shop" is a collaboration between Komeda Coffee Shop, a popular long-established coffee shop that has been in business for 55 years and has 1,000 Komeda Group stores in Japan and overseas, and "Bikkuri Tamago," an entertainment bath salt with a mascot that has been in the series for 21 years. The product is a collaboration between the two. When the yellow carbon dioxide bath salts are dissolved in the bathtub, the aroma of mixed fruits spreads, and after a while, the mascot from Komeda Coffee Shop's popular menu comes out from inside the bath salts.

The mascots include the "Komeda Blend," which features the Komeda Coffee Shop logo print and has a removable cup and saucer, the "Shiro Noir," a signature menu item with ice cream and fluffy dough, the "Katsu Pan," a hearty "Katsu Pan," a cute "Cream Soda" with a boot-shaped container, and even the texture of the ice and the spoon. The "Shaved Ice (Strawberry)" and "Secret" are all six types. The contents will be randomly selected.

Bath Salts "Bikkuri Tamago Komeda Coffee Shop" lineup of 6 types

In addition, a follow and repost campaign will be held on X (formerly Twitter) from September 26, 2023, where 26 people will win an original Komeda Coffee Shop floor mat-like bath mat.

Bath Salts "Bikkuri Tamago Komeda Coffee Shop" lineup of 6 types

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