Komeda Tsukimi "Otsukimi Shironoir Pumpkin

Komeda Tsuk

imi "Otsukimi Shironoir Pumpkin" and "Otsukimi Full Moon Burger" We actually tried the "Otsukimi Shironoir Pumpkin" and "Otsukimi Full Moon Burger" offered at Komeda Coffee Shop!



Pumpkin I actually tried the "Otsukimi Shironoir Pumpkin"! It will be available from September 6 to early October. Prices range from 780 yen to 840 yen / mini size: 580 yen to 640 yen (prices vary by store). Limited quantities available, and will end as soon as they are gone.

Komeda Tsukimi "Otsukimi Shironoir Pumpkin

The first Shironoir using pumpkin will make its debut! The warm Danish pastry is topped with a pumpkin sauce that takes advantage of the gentle sweetness of pumpkin, and the soft-serve ice cream is covered with a bittersweet caramel sauce. The topping of pumpkin seeds adds a savory accent to the flavor and texture.

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Otsukimi Full Moon


We actually tried the seasonal menu "Otsukimi Full Moon Burger! Available from September 6 to late October. Prices range from 750 yen to 820 yen (price varies by store). Limited quantities available, and will end as soon as they are gone.

Komeda "Otsukimi Full Moon Burger

The Full Moon Burger, which was sold last year and was very popular, is back. It is made with lettuce, a thick and juicy hamburger steak, cheese, and an egg omelette that resembles a full moon on a large bun, which is Komeda's specialty. As you eat, the yolk of the egg omelette melts into the cheese and hamburger, adding sweetness and richness to the cheese and hamburger. The sourness of the sausage is also said to be a perfect match.

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Be sure to check out Komeda's "moon-viewing menu," which is only available during this season!