"Bacon winding Frank" Ministop

At each Ministop store, "Bacon-rolled Frank", which can be easily eaten with one hand, is being sold in sequence according to the autumn holiday season (all stores will be on sale from September 13th). The price is 170 yen (tax included) per bottle.

The new "Bacon-rolled Frank" is a fragrant "smoked bacon" with condensed fat flavor wrapped around the rich "Frankfurt" one by one by hand. By adding two types of pepper, it is finished as a satisfying hot snack that brings out the flavor and flavor.

Frankfurt uses chicken, pork, and lard, and has a taste that pursues juiciness from the first glance. Comes with tomatoes and coarsely ground mustard. The calorie is 230 kcal.

Ministop's "Bacon-wrapped Frank" is an irresistible meat lover with meat wrapped around meat. Of course, it seems to be good as a snack for sake as well as for filling your stomach. Why don't you give it a try when you see it?