Limited quantity "Sapporo Ai no Skal La France Sour"
I want to drink!

"Sapporo Ai no Skal La France Sour" will be released on October 16th from Sapporo Breweries. The estimated price is 160 yen (excluding tax) for a 340 ml can. Limited quantity.

This is a limited flavor of "Sapporo Ai Skal White Sour," which is a collaboration product with the "Ai Skal" brand sold by Minami Nihon Dairy Cooperative. You can enjoy the mellow aroma and juicy sweetness of La France from Yamagata prefecture while keeping the sweet and sour taste and crisp aftertaste of "Ai no Skal White Sour". Alcohol content is 4%.

The package is a design that expresses the milkiness and the mariage taste of La France, with green and white lines drawn from the top based on gold.

"Sapporo Ai no Skal La France Sour" where you can enjoy the juicy taste of La France, which is perfect for the coming season. The quantity is limited, so if you are interested, check it out as soon as possible!