Lawson "Hakutsuru Puru-Puru Mango

Hakutsuru Puru-Puru Mango" will go on sale at LAWSON stores. This is a new product in the Hakutsuru Sake Jelly "Puru-Puru" series that can be enjoyed like a dessert, and is "fun to shake," "cute looking," and "delicious to drink.

Hakutsuru Puru-Puru Mango

Hakutsuru Puru-Puru Mango, a new product in the Hakutsuru Sake Jelly "Puru-Puru" series, is a sake jelly with a pleasantly plump texture. The cool and refreshing texture, the carbonation that bursts in the mouth, and the mellow aroma and rich tropical flavor of mango can be enjoyed.

Made with Taiwanese mango juice (5% juice). Refrigerate well and shake vigorously up and down about 10 times before drinking. It can be served as is or poured into a glass.

It will be available at Lawson stores nationwide from September 6. The product is a liqueur with an alcohol content of 5%. The product is 190 ml in volume and will be sold at an estimated price of 142 yen (excluding tax). The product will be available at Natural Lawson, Lawson Store 100, and some other stores.