Suntory "Horoiyoi [Jasmine Lychee]".

Suntory "Horoiyoi [Jasmine Lychee]"

will go on sale nationwide on February 7 (Tuesday) from Suntory's long-selling brand "Horoiyoi".


[Jasmine Ly

chee] has a refreshingly pleasant flavor with the gorgeous aroma of jasmine and the slight sweetness of lychee. The flavor is lightly sweetened.

The package is designed with an illustration of jasmine and lychee on a refreshing blue-green background. The phrase "less sweet" is written on the package to make it easy to understand the flavor characteristics.

Product name: Horoiyoi "Jasmine Lychee"
Capacity: 350ml (11.83us fl oz)
Estimated price: 148 yen (excluding tax)
Alcohol content: 3%
Launch date: Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Launch area: Nationwide
Item: Liqueur

* Pricing is not binding on retailers' voluntary price setting.


"Horoiyoi" is a long-selling brand supported by people of all ages since its launch in 2009 as a 3% alcohol alcoholic beverage with a gentle and pleasant taste. It has also been well received for its diverse lineup of flavors.

The new "Horoiyoi [Jasmine Lychee]" is the 100th flavor to be released. The company aims to further expand the number of fans of the Horoiyoi brand.