New work "Kunatsu TOY STORY 4"
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"Kunatsu TOY STORY 4" is on sale from the new format figure "Kunatsu" series, which is based on the concept of "cool nuts that rotate around". The estimated price is 200 yen per piece (excluding tax).

This is a toy designed with characters from the movie "TOY STORY4" such as Woody and Buzz. Comes with 1 ramune confectionery. The contents are random.

The lineup is "1. Bo-Peep", "2. Woody", "3. Buzz", "4. Forky", "5. Gabby Gabby", "6. Duke Caboon", "7. Giggle".・ McDimples ”,“ 8. Ducky ”,“ 9. Bunny ”,“ 10. Jesse ”,“ 11. Bullseye ”,“ 12. Rex ”,“ 13. Ham ”,“ 14. Slinky ”,“ 15. All 16 types of "Alien" and "16. Butter Cup".

New work "Kunatsu TOY STORY 4"

There are various ways to enjoy it, such as getting up and playing with your hands like a spill, decorating your room, and taking cute pictures! Why don't you display your favorite characters side by side?

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