McDonald's Happy Set "Tom and Jerry" and "The Bears' School"

Happy sets "Tom and Jerry" and "The Bears' School" will be on sale for a limited time from May 21st at McDonald's nationwide (excluding some stores). The first is from May 21st to May 27th, the second is from May 28th to June 3rd, and the third is from June 4th.

Tom and jerry

Warner Bros.'s animated series "Tom and Jerry," whose slapstick comedy by the sloppy cat Tom and the cool mouse Jerry has been loved for generations. In the happy set "Tom and Jerry", 6 kinds of toys that funly reproduce the comical world view of such animation will appear.

McDonald's Happy Meal "Tom and Jerry"

When you roll the cheese, the jelly on top moves forward, "Cheese toy jelly" using the principle of the pendulum, and when you press the button, Tom's face in the fishbowl turns "Tom wearing a goldfish bee" ], Etc., a lineup of toys with humorous gimmicks in the shape of one scene in the works. Playing with the story of Tom and Jerry moving around, wishing to develop imagination, and looking at the leaflet that illustrates the mechanism of toys, playing while thinking "Why does it move?", Interest in science and technology It is full of feelings that I want you to deepen.

McDonald's Happy Meal "Tom and Jerry"

The Bears' School

The Happy Meal "The Bears' School" is a paper craft toy that does not use plastic, from the main body to the packaging, as part of its environmentally friendly efforts. While maintaining the simple and warm world view of the original picture book, there are 6 types of lineup that allow you to play and dress up by assembling various scenes related to the main characters Jackie and older brothers. A picture book-shaped stage and bears, clothes, and accessories are included in the set. Clothes parts can be changed to other dolls from Happy Meal "The Bears' School", so if you have more than one, the story will expand.

McDonald's Happy Set "The Bears' School"

The aim is to foster recognition of figures and spaces by improving the dexterity of fingers by separating and assembling parts one by one, and by learning the relationship between parts and the whole through the work of combining parts. In addition, I want you to develop the ability to imagine and express the story by playing "playing" with the feelings of the story and Jackie in mind. There are various scenes that will inspire your imagination, such as "Jackie's bread making" that you can play in the bakery shop and kitchen scene, and "Jackie's Oriori" that you can play cooking with the kitchen set.

McDonald's Happy Set "The Bears' School"

For the two days of May 22nd and 23rd, "Tom and Jerry Sticker" will be purchased for each Happy Meal "Tom and Jerry", and "The Bears' School" will be purchased for each Happy Meal "Kuma no Gakko". "The Bears' School Sticker Book" will be presented.

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