Bandai Candy Division "Coonuts Cheeky
(Image taken from the official website)

Bandai Candy Division will sell "Coonuts Cheeky". Priced at 250 yen per piece (tax included). The release date is scheduled for December.

Coonuts Cheeky Cute

From the "KOONUTS" collection, which features various characters on a nut-shaped format like a rising-bomb, "KOONUTS" now comes "Chii-Kawa"! There are many ways to enjoy spinning them around, displaying them in your room, or taking pictures of them. The lineup includes a total of 16 types, including many other characters in addition to Chiikaware, Hachiware and Usagi. They can be used individually or as a fun collection item. Comes with 1 piece of gum (soda flavor). The lineup is as follows

1. chii-kawa
2. hachiware
3. rabbit
4. momonga
5. chestnut buns
6. otter
7. armored man
8. seasar
9. beetle
10. ode and goblin
11. that boy
12.Cheeka (pajamas)
13.Hachiware (pajamas)
14.Rabbit (pajamas)
15. chi-kawa (parasite)
16. hachiware (re-growth)

(C) nagano / chiikawa committee