Elysee "Original pudding"

A coffee shop has a different taste from a cafe, doesn't it? A place where you can spend a relaxing and peaceful time in a nostalgic atmosphere. I think there are many people who like coffee shops that are more rigid than fashionable cafes.

I want you to visit such a coffee shop group! Here are four recommended coffee shops in Kanagawa and Yokohama that still retain the retro cityscape.

1, Bashamichi Jubankan
An adult social gathering place in Kannai, Yokohama. The 1st floor of the building is a coffee shop, the 2nd floor is a bar, the 3rd floor is a French restaurant, and the 4th and 5th floors are banquet halls.

Bashamichi Jubankan in Yokohama

The round "shortcake" on the signboard menu is excellent! The fluffy sponge and fresh cream that melts in your mouth instantly make your cheeks fall. Of course, the meal menu (sandwiches, etc.) is also substantial.

Bashamichi Jyubankan in Yokohama
Popular shortcake

2, Elysee
A retro coffee shop in Motomachi, Yokohama. The kitchen of the Ehrismann Residence surrounded by greenery was opened as a coffee shop, but now it has moved to another location (2nd floor of Fujita Building, 1-30 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama).

Elysee's Elysee
Elysee's house. Currently relocated

The specialty menu here is "raw pudding"! It is a dish that you can taste by sprinkling egg yolk and caramel sauce on the white vanilla mousse in a glass. When it comes to its rich taste and melting in the mouth ... Once you eat it, you're already captivated.

Elysee "Original pudding"
it's beautiful…

3, Enokitei
One of the Western-style buildings in Motomachi, Yokohama. In the coffee shop, you can enjoy light meals such as sandwiches and curries (although they are full of volume) to desserts such as cakes and parfaits.

Enokitei in Motomachi, Yokohama
There are also terrace seats

Especially recommended is the long-selling "Cherry Sandwich". Thick sable cookies sandwiched with fresh butter cream and stewed dark cherries. You can buy souvenirs at the To go shop on the 2nd floor.

Enokitei in Motomachi, Yokohama
You will also be pleased with souvenirs

4, Bunmeido Tea House Le Cafe
A coffee shop run by Yokohama Bunmeido, which is familiar with castella. It is a few minutes walk from Kannai station.

Bunmeido Tea House Le Cafe
There is a coffee shop in the back of the shop

We recommend the sweets "Meiji Admiration" with ram raisin cream sandwiched between Bunmeido's castella! The moist and elegant sweetness and melting in the mouth are the best. Also, in the summer, we recommend the shaved ice called "Glerson Brize".

Bunmeido Tea House Le Cafe
The name Meiji Admiration is also good.

Bunmeido Tea House Le Cafe
Shaved ice in the summer!

* Menu contents and sales status may differ from the time of writing the article.