Ginza Renoir "Morning Free Campaign"
(* All images are sourced from Ginza Renoir official website)

"Morning Free Campaign" is being implemented at cafes of each brand operated by Ginza Renoir. Limited time until February 14th.

The popular event that was held in 2020 will be held again in 2021. The brands participating in the campaign are as follows.

・ Cafe Renoir Cafe Renoir Cafe Miyama
・ Each store of RUNOA COFFEE

If you order a drink during the morning service hours of each brand, you will get a free meal of a designated menu such as toast. "Cafe Miyama" and "RUNO A COFFEE" are for coffee or tea, and "NEW YORKER'S Cafe" is for coffee, latte or tea.

Ginza Renoir "Morning Free Campaign"

Looking at the morning service hours, "Coffee Room Renoir" and "Cafe Renoir" are open from 12:00 to 12:00, and others are open from 11:00. This campaign cannot be used in combination with other service tickets or shareholder benefit tickets.

In addition, some coffee shop Renoir stores are not eligible for the campaign. Specifically, it cannot be used at the following stores

・ Kawagoe store ・ Kanamachi store ・ Hakone Yumoto station square store ・ Ebisu first store ・ Ebisu east exit store ・ Kanda Awajicho store ・ Otsuka store ・ Shinkoiwa store ・ Kichijoji store