Ginza Cozy Corner "Angel's Naughty Rainbow"
Tanabata is also cute ♪ (Image is quoted from the official website)

At each Ginza Cozy Corner store (excluding some stores), a limited-time sweet "Angel's Naughty Rainbow" is on sale. The price is 420 yen (excluding tax). The sale period is 2 weeks.

This is a shortcake with a rainbow image under the theme of "dream cute". "Rainbow" is expressed by alternately layering three-color cream, four-color fruit-flavored sponge, and strawberry cream. Plenty of squeezed cream looks like a cloud!

Eat four-color fruit-flavored sponge (lemon, melon, strawberry, blueberry) and strawberry cream together to enjoy a “fascinating mixed fruit flavor”.

"Angel's Naughty Rainbow" at the Ginza Cozy Corner, which looks cute and is perfect for a Tanabata party. For a limited time, please check early if you are interested ♪