Pokemon Collection (9 pieces) from Ginza Cozy Corner

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Pokemon Collection (9

pieces) Petit Cake Assortment "Pokemon Collection (9 pieces)" will be available at Ginza KOJI CORNER. The release date is April 21. The product will be sold at stores that sell fresh cakes. There are no stores in Hokkaido, Kyushu, Fukui, Kyoto, Shiga, Tottori, Shimane, Yamaguchi, Ehime, and Kochi prefectures that sell fresh cakes. The sales period is from April 21 to May 31. Online orders will be accepted from April 14, 10:00 to May 26, 23:59. The price is 2,916 yen (tax included).


Collection (9 pieces

) Pokemon is loved by people of all ages not only in Japan but around the world. This time, Ginza Cozy Corner has designed nine types of petit cakes featuring Pokemon, including a Pikachu cake with candy that crackles like a 10-man bolt, a Gengar jelly that expresses a violet aura, and a tart that represents Metamon's chao. The flavors and appearances of the cakes are based on the characteristics of each Pokémon.

The exclusive box is designed with a collection of Pokémon in petite cakes. On the side of the box is a two-dimensional barcode that takes you to a special website that explains the features of each cake.

Pokemon Collection (9 pieces) from Ginza Cozy Corner

Also, with the purchase of the "Pokémon Collection (9 pieces)," customers will receive a "Pokémon Cake Guidebook" leaflet that explains what makes each cake taste and look good. This leaflet will not be distributed at special stores.

Contents of the assortment

[bottom row, from left]
[Kodak] Lemon Tea Whipped Cream Cake
[Pudding] Strawberry Pudding Flavored Whipped Cream Tart with Strawberry Jam
[Evee] Chocolate and Caramel Whipped Cream Tart

[middle row, from left]
& nbsp;[Metamon]Blueberry whipped cream tart with blueberry jam
[Pikachu]Banana whipped cream cake with crackling candy
[Pochama]Soda flavored mousse cake

[Top row, from left]
[Fushigidane]Yogurt flavored whipped cream roll cake with Muscat jelly whipped cream roll cake with muscat jelly
<Gengar> Jelly with peach and grape flavor
<Lizardon> Cake with mango whipped cream

Pokemon Collection (9 pieces) from Ginza Cozy Corner