Chateraise "Tea latte bar with tapioca-style jelly"

Ice "tea latte bar with tapioca-style jelly", "fruit texture bar watermelon" and "fruit texture bar lychee" will be released on June 21st at each Chateraise store. The price is 70 yen per bottle and 340 yen for 6 bottles (excluding tax).

The black tea latte bar with tapioca-style jelly is an ice bar with tapioca-style jelly that is chewy on smooth black tea latte ice cream. Cream cheese is added to the black tea latte ice, which is a blend of Darjeeling tea and Assam tea, so you can enjoy both refreshing and richness.

Chateraise "Tea latte bar with tapioca-style jelly"

The "Fruit Texture Bar" is a series that focuses on the texture as if the fruits were frozen as they are. Two new products that use plenty of juice from the popular fruits "watermelon" and "lychee" will be released.

Chateraise "Fruit Texture Bar"

Fruit texture bar Watermelon is an ice bar with the image of the refreshing texture of watermelon. It has a juicy sweetness that makes you feel as if you are eating frozen watermelon.

Chateraise "Fruit texture bar watermelon"

Fruit texture bar Lychee is an ice bar where you can enjoy a sticky texture like frozen lychee. The fresh flavor of lychee spreads.

Chateraise "Fruit texture bar lychee"