Payang "Tanuki Yakisoba" "Fox Yakisoba"
Fox and raccoon dog to Payang

"Tanuki Yakisoba", "Fox Yakisoba" and "Curry Nanban Yakisoba" were released on June 3rd from the "Peyoung" series of cup yakisoba. All prices are open.

Peyang Tanuki Yakisoba is seasoned with bonito soup stock based on soup stock. Plenty of fried balls are a perfect match.

Peyang "Tanuki Yakisoba"

Peyang Kitsune Yakisoba is a dish with a mentsuyu-based sauce that is soaked in chopped fried food to spread the flavor.

Peyang "Fox Yakisoba"

Peyang Curry Nanban Yakisoba uses a crisp Japanese-style curry sauce. It's spicy and delicious, and it's a taste that you won't get tired of until the end.

Peyang Curry Nanban Yakisoba

Also, on June 10th, "Pee Young Super Spicy Vermicelli END" was released ahead of Lawson. The most spicy "super spicy yakisoba END" in the history of Payang is vermicelli. You can enjoy it as a side dish. The price is 216 yen (tax included), and the general release is July 1.

Pea Young Spicy Vermicelli END