Eat and compare two types of Seven Matcha Ice Bars

With the arrival of the new tea season, matcha sweets have become more prominent at convenience stores. Seven-Eleven sells two types of Seven Premium ice cream made with matcha.

"Uji Gyokuro Ice Almond Chocolate Bar" (192 yen including tax) and "Matcha Chocolate Bar" (203 yen including tax). Have you eaten yet?

Eat and compare two types of Seven Matcha Ice Bars

● I tried to compare them!

Uji Gyokuro Ice Almond Chocolate Bar is a combination of far-infrared roasted almonds and textured sugar-coated almonds, which are made by hanging chocolate on ice made with rich flavor of Uji gyokuro. Expectations are rising for "Uji Gyokuro".

Eat and compare two types of Seven Matcha Ice Bars

The bitterness of the chocolate coating that crumbles with packing and the mellow taste of matcha ice cream are fused. I will firmly insist on the aroma of crispy nuts.

The bitterness of chocolate and the bitterness of matcha match and are delicious! … But the taste of chocolate and nuts makes matcha a little pressed. The chocolate feeling is stronger as a whole.

On the other hand, the Matcha Chocolate Bar is an ice bar that uses Uji Matcha and is characterized by its astringency and aroma. Two types of matcha are blended in the ice cream. Matcha crunch is mixed in the coated matcha chocolate.

Eat and compare two types of Seven Matcha Ice Bars

The first thing you feel when you bite is the crispness of the matcha crunch. Then, you can feel the crisp green tea chocolate and the melting green tea ice cream, and play the harmony of fresh green in your mouth. As expected, it is made with matcha, and the taste is deep and the satisfaction is high! The scent of tea that gently comes out of your nose is also gorgeous.

Eat and compare two types of Seven Matcha Ice Bar
Matcha chocolate bar on the left and almond chocolate bar with Uji gyokuro ice cream on the right

● The editorial department recommends ...

So, the editorial department wants to recommend the matcha chocolate bar ! I was very happy as a matcha lover because I could feel the flavor of matcha directly without being disturbed by anything.

Of course, the almond chocolate bar of Uji Gyokuro ice cream is delicious, but it may be a little unsatisfactory for those who want matcha because of the strong chocolate taste. However, you can enjoy both chocolate and matcha, which is a great deal . Select the one you like depending on your mood.