Pineapple cake "Pineapple cake" from "Chongqing Hotel"

Yokohama Chinatown is full of gourmet food. There are too many shops and I don't know where to eat and what to eat! For those who say, I thought of a model course to eat carefully selected gourmet food from the editorial department!

The course is mercilessly packed with delicious food, so please try it while consulting with your stomach capacity!

■ Breakfast is easy "porridge"

Chinese porridge specialty store "Shatenki Nigouten" where you can eat delicious porridge from the morning. The porridge made by slowly boiling dried oysters, scallops, and a bird for about 4 hours is excellent! The wide variety of toppings with various ingredients is also attractive.

Shatenki Nigouten "Sansen Kayu"
"Sansen porridge" containing white fish, whelk shellfish, and squid

There is no doubt that you will be impressed by saying, "Is porridge so delicious?" It is also recommended in the morning when your stomach is tired from eating too much or drinking too much.

■ For Western food, "copper pancakes"

If you want to have a Western breakfast, try the crisp, plump, and chewy super horse copper plate pancakes of "Chillle Coffee". Although it looks like a simple pancake, it's worth experiencing the exquisite texture that you can't easily reproduce!

Chillle Coffee "Copper Pancake"

Chillle Coffee "Copper Pancake"

Feel free to put the attached fruit, ice cream, and cream on it. I'm happy.

■ At 11 o'clock, go to "Chimaki-ya"

Chimaki-ya, a popular restaurant where you can line up, is a masterpiece that you should eat once. The store is open 4 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only) at 11:00, but it may be sold out immediately depending on the day. If you're lucky, you'll have it!

Chimaki-ya Taiwan Chimaki

Chimaki-ya Taiwan Chimaki

Kakuni pork, shiitake mushrooms, and peanuts in plump and chewy rice. Anyway, it is a chimaki with lots of ingredients and a high degree of satisfaction. If you can't buy it at the store, buy it online like I do.

■ Lunch is decided by "water dumplings"

At lunchtime, be sure to try the water dumplings from the famous restaurant "Santong", which is also listed in the Michelin Guide. When you bite into the fluffy skin, a generous amount of gravy overflows from the inside.

Sandton dumplings

Sandton dumplings

The texture of the whip whip dough and the fluffy meat is irresistible! The special coconut sauce with moderate acidity and sweet scent makes chopsticks go even further.

■ Take a break with "tapioca tea"

Take a break at the bubble tea specialty store "QQ Yatai-ya" between shopping and eating out. The classic tapioca milk tea is hot or iced, and you can choose from 4 levels of sweetness.

QQ stand shop tapioca milk tea
Tapioca milk tea

The gorgeous aroma of tea leaves and the mellow sweetness of milk. The plump and big tapioca is a torotoromuchimuchi when chewed, and although it is a drink, it is delicious.

By the way, the almond tofu with tapioca in this shop is very delicious, so I recommend it. How about a dessert after lunch?

QQ Annin tofu with tapioca from a stand
Annin tofu with tapioca

■ Souvenir is "pineapple cake"

I would like to buy it for myself, my family and friends, and go home with the pineapple cake "Pineapple Cake" from "Chongqing Hotel". It is a popular Taiwanese confectionery that is handmade by craftsmen one by one.

Chongqing Hotel "Pineapple Cake"

Chongqing Hotel "Pineapple Cake"

Plenty of plump pineapple jam in a refreshing cookie dough using fermented butter. The aroma of butter and the juicy sweetness of pineapple go great together! Enjoy with coffee or tea.