Ringer Hut "Chilled Champon"
Plenty of vegetables!

I ate Ringer Hut's "Chilled Champon". The colorful raw vegetables, the sesame-scented soup, and the thick noodles of Champon are combined to make the chopsticks go.

According to the explanation of the menu, it is characterized by adding tomatoes, okra, mizuna, which are not included in ordinary champon, and a special pickle "Burabura-zuke" using Nagasaki-grown Chinese vegetables as an accent.

All the ingredients are mixed in a size that is easy to eat, and it seems that it looks like Champon. The soup is made by adding the richness of white sesame and peanuts to the tonkotsu base, and it is said that the richness is added even though it is refreshing.

Ringer Hut "Chilled Champon"
Regular size. It's full of volume, but you can eat it

The price is 690 yen for regular size (excluding tax, the same applies below) and 490 yen for small. This time I ordered a regular.

When you look at the noodles that arrived in a transparent bowl, you can see that the vegetables are full of vegetables. The amount is comparable to ordering a plate of salad. The green okra gives off a beautiful color, and when you bite it, the sticky taste will delight your tongue. The red color of cherry tomatoes is also bright, and the contrast with corn and bean sprouts is beautiful.

Ringer Hut "Chilled Champon"
Okra is beautiful

If you mix the vegetables with the noodles and soup before eating, you can see that it contains a lot of meat, but it has a soft texture and a light taste, so it is a good complement to the vegetables.

Ringer Hut "Chilled Champon"
It also contains a lot of meat

The soup is creamy and not very salty. The so-called "chilled Chinese" sauce is sour, sweet, and has a strong taste, so I refrain from drinking it for a while, but Ringer Hut's chilled champon can be scooped up with a ranger and left as it is.

Ringer Hut "Chilled Champon"
White sesame soup can be drunk as it is

Impression that you can eat more refreshingly and refreshingly while retaining the chanpon-ness. It's a dish that you can count on even in the hot season.

Ringer Hut "Chilled Champon"
The noodles are chewy like Ringer Hut. The soup is often entwined