Yamazaki "Hokkaido / Okinawa Bread Tour"

From Yamazaki (Yamazaki Baking), the "Hokkaido-Okinawa Bread Tour" series using Hokkaido ingredients and Okinawa brown sugar is on sale until May 31st. There are 12 products in the lineup.

Breads made from Hokkaido ingredients include "melon bread with whipped cream (whipped with melon juice from Hokkaido)", "double whipped sandwich (whipped milk and cheese from Hokkaido)", and "corn mayonnaise bread (corn from Hokkaido)" 8 Goods. A part of these sales will be donated to support the areas affected by the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake.

On the other hand, there are four products using Okinawa brown sugar: "Okinawa brown sugar Uzumaki pastry", "Okinawa brown sugar sata andagi", "Okinawa brown sugar steamed cake", and "Okinawa brown sugar stick pie".

The product package contains information on sightseeing spots such as the Otaru Canal in Hokkaido, lavender fields, Kushiro Marsh, Irabu Ohashi in Okinawa, and Sefa Utaki.

The product list is as follows.

Melon bread with whipped cream (whipped cream with melon juice from Hokkaido)
Double whipped sandwich (Hokkaido milk and cheese whipped)
Corn mayonnaise bread (Hokkaido corn)
Tsubuan & Cake Danish (Hokkaido red bean paste)
Wave ring donut (milk from Hokkaido)
Potato mayonnaise bread (potatoes from Hokkaido)
Cream sandwich with butter (cream with butter from Hokkaido)
Cheese roll cake (cream with cheese from Hokkaido)
Okinawa brown sugar Uzumaki pastry Okinawa brown sugar sata andagi Okinawa brown sugar steamed cake Okinawa brown sugar stick pie