Yamazaki "Tropezienne".

Yamazaki Baking (Yamazaki) will introduce Tropezienne, a bread inspired by a pastry originating in the south of France. The bread will go on pre-sale at some supermarkets on May 25, and will be available at Daily Yamazaki, Yamazaki Shop, and other supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from June 1.

Yamazaki Tropezienne

According to Yamazaki, Tropezienne means "daughter of Saint-Tropez" and originates from Saint-Tropez, a port town in southern France. The soft brioche pastry is filled with custard whipped cream.

The dough is made with butter and eggs, which gives it a rich flavor and makes it fluffy and baked. The rich custard whipped cream is made with Hokkaido butter and is squeezed so that it can be tasted from every side. The surface of the dough is topped with pearl sugar to accentuate the texture.