Village Vanguard Diner "Gorgonzola & Mascarpone"

At Village Vanguard Diner, the "Premium Cheeseburger Fair" started on April 15th (excluding some stores). Limited to about one month until May 12th.

During the fair period, three types of "adult cheeseburgers" will appear. A burger made with high-quality cheese is offered, where you can enjoy the rich aroma and rich taste.

Village Vanguard Diner "Premium Cheeseburger Fair"
Premium Cheeseburger Fair

There are three lineups: "Irish Porter & Cheddar", "Gorgonzola & Mascarpone", and "Brie & Cheddar". The price is 1,280 yen each (excluding tax).

This time, as a representative of penicillium lovers, I tried "Gorgonzola & Mascarpone"!

◆ Too luxurious cheese feeling

A hamburger using "Gorgonzola Picante", one of the "three major blue cheeses in the world". Lettuce and juicy patties, crispy onions, and plenty of Gorgonzola cheese are layered between the slightly sweet brioche buns.

Village Vanguard Diner "Gorgonzola & Mascarpone"
Gorgonzola & Mascarpone

If you put a bite on it ...

Village Vanguard Diner "Gorgonzola & Mascarpone"
Gorgonzola melts softly

When you take a bite, the sweetness of the onion and the umami of the meat are wrapped in the creamy taste of fluffy and melting Gorgonzola. The spicy and spicy flavor peculiar to blue mold is also firm. This feeling of luxury is irresistible for cheese lovers ...

Village Vanguard Diner "Gorgonzola & Mascarpone"
You can put more

You can eat it by sandwiching it tightly with a burger bag, or you can taste it with a knife and fork. Even if you apply cheese to the buttery fluffy buns with a knife and eat it, it's really delicious!

◆ What about the other two?

"Irish Porter & Cheddar" is a hamburger made with chocolate-colored cheese "Irish Porter" kneaded with dark beer. Sweetness, bittersweetness, and smoky roasted aroma spread throughout your mouth.

Village Vanguard Diner "Irish Porter & Cheddar"
Irish Porter & Cheddar

On the other hand, "Brie & Cheddar" is a hamburger made with "Brie" cheese, which is loved for its milky and mild taste. You can enjoy the cheese that melts on the hot patty.

Village Vanguard Diner "Bree & Cheddar"
Brie & cheddar

No matter which one you eat, if you like cheese, you will be satisfied. Especially if you like blue mold, please try "Gorgonzola & Mascarpone". Beer is also on the way.