Gri & Pain's exquisite sweet bread
I went to the new format "Gri & Pain" of the long-established bakery "Asanoya"

Did you know that there is a food court on the 3rd floor of "Atre Shinagawa" which is directly connected to Shinagawa Station? It's very convenient because it's right from the station, so you can drop in and eat delicious food quickly!

Especially at lunchtime, this food court is crowded with businessmen and shoppers, and there is a shop " Gri & Pain " operated by the long-established bakery "Branje Asanoya" from Karuizawa. In addition to selling bread, this is a new format that offers grilled dishes that you can eat in.

"Gri & Pain", a new format developed by the long-established bakery "Branje Asanoya"
Gri & Pain on the 3rd floor of Atre Shinagawa

◆ The most popular is this!

The most popular bread is the " Crème Brulee Croissant " (324 yen, tax included, same below) limited to the Shinagawa store! A dice-shaped croissant with a crispy caramelized top contains plenty of fresh cream with white chocolate.

Gri & Pain "Crème Brulee Croissant"
The top is a brown caramelized

The cream is fluffy! The milky sweetness is exquisitely intertwined with the bittersweetness of caramelize. The point of deliciousness is that you can enjoy the gradation of texture, crispy, crispy, fluffy, and moist. The buttery dough is also delicious!

Gri & Pain "Crème Brulee Croissant"
The cream is rich but fluffy and light and super delicious

In addition, the seasonal flavor "Pumpkin" (346 yen) is also on sale until October 31st. There is plenty of plump pumpkin cream inside. The scent of butter that spreads as you chew and the sweetness of pumpkin make it look like a cake! Accented with crispy pumpkin seeds.

Gri & Pain "Crème Brulee Croissant Pumpkin"
Limited flavors for Halloween

Gri & Pain "Crème Brulee Croissant Pumpkin"
Taste of tightly packed pumpkin

◆ The new "Strawberry Freto" is also delicious

Although not limited to the Shinagawa store, "Strawberry and Cream Cheese Custard French Toast" (378 yen) was also introduced as a new work by Asanoya. It's delicious when cooled, so I chilled it in the refrigerator before eating it.

Gri & Pain "French toast with strawberry and cream cheese custard"
I chilled it in the refrigerator

A bright red strawberry filling spread on the top. It is thick and thick, and the bread is thick but has a fluffy mouthfeel. When you chew, you will be greeted by the fluffy texture of strawberry and bread.

Gri & Pain "French toast with strawberry and cream cheese custard"
Melting strawberries and fluffy bread

The bread is moisturized in the mouth and has a slight sweetness. The sweetness of strawberries, plus the rich richness of custard and cream cheese. It is a sweet bread that the deliciousness of the material stands out because of its simplicity.

◆ Hamburger popular with women

In addition, I tried eating in a hamburger using the proud buns.

The most popular is the signboard menu "Classic Burger" (850 yen), but this time it was brilliantly through (though it looked delicious!). I ordered the "Avocado Cheeseburger" (1,000 yen), which is popular with women.

Gri & Pain "Avocado Cheeseburger"
Avocado on top of beef patty

A hamburger with 100% beef patties, avocado and red cheddar cheese sandwiched between sesame buns baked using natural yeast. Comes with salad and potatoes.

The potatoes are deep-fried potatoes with skin, and you can enjoy the thick mouthfeel and crunchy texture of a university potato. Salty Ummer!

Gri & Pain "Avocado Cheeseburger"
Potato on the left front, messed up

As for hamburgers, Asanoya and buns are really good! The moment you squeeze the fluffy buns, the scent of wheat blows through. The surface is crisp and the inside is soft and chewy.

And the patty is juicy and delicious again !! The meat has a firm chewy texture, and the more you continue to squeeze it, the more delicious it exudes. Authentic like a butcher's hamburger.

Gri & Pain "Avocado Cheeseburger"
Excuse me on the way

Melting avocado, sweet and sour ketchup, and mellow cheese melt together at the same time, filling your mouth with the blessings of nature. If there are more types and balance of ingredients, I feel that the taste will be messed up, so I think it's the best. Is the price a little high? I thought, but this is a gourmet burger, not fast food, so I was convinced when I ate it.

By the way, there is also a "Gorgonzola Melt Burger" that can only be eaten at night (after 17:00) on weekdays, so be sure to have it at dinner time after school or after work!