Lawson "Devil's Rice Ball Sichuan-style Dandan Noodle Flavor"
Popular rice balls have evolved

"Devil's Onigiri (Sichuan-style Dandan Noodle Flavor)" will be on sale on April 16th at each Lawson store. At the same time, "Devil's Onigiri" has also been renewed and released.

Devil's rice ball (Sichuan style dandan noodle flavor) is a product in which chili, spicy miso, sesame paste, Chinese pepper, and chili oil are added and seasoned with chili oil, wrapped in rice mixed with chili pepper. The stimulating spiciness becomes addictive. The price is 140 yen (tax included, same below).

The renewed devil's rice ball is made by mixing rice cooked in white soup with tenkasu, tentsuyu, sesame oil, etc., and sea lettuce and dried bonito flakes have been added from this time. The price is 110 yen.

Lawson "Devil's Rice Ball"
Are you addicted to eating?

In addition, you can enjoy "Nagayaen Cup Devil's Zousui no Moto" (108 yen), "Yamayoshi Devil's Potato Chips", "Masuya Devil's Onigiri Senbei", and "Sanshin Devil's Okaki" (129 yen each). Will be sold.

Lawson "Nagatanien Cup Devil's Zosui no Moto"

Lawson "Yamayoshi Devil's Potato Chips" "Masuya Devil's Rice Ball Senbei" "Sanshin Devil's Okaki"