FamilyMart "Eating Ranch Strawberries"

At each FamilyMart store, a new product of "Eating Ranch Milk ", "Eating Ranch Strawberry," will be released on March 5th. The price is 208 yen (tax included).

Eating Farm Milk is a renewal of the product released exclusively for Circle K Sunkus in April 2007, and has been sold at FamilyMart nationwide since October 2017. The mellow taste of milk ice cream made from 50% milk and the "Yurukawa" cow's package made it a hot topic. Not only can you eat it as it is, but you can also enjoy the "Eating Ranch Milk Arrangement" that combines drinks and sweets.

FamilyMart "Eating Ranch Milk"
Healed by a cow

The "Eating Ranch Strawberry" that will be released this time is made up of two layers: rich "Eating Ranch Milk" milk ice cream and sweet and sour strawberry gelato with strawberry pulp. You can enjoy various ways of eating, such as eating each, combining two layers, and topping with your favorite things.

FamilyMart "Eating Ranch Strawberries"
It looks cute