Kikkoman "Soymilk Beverage Lamb Raisin" and "Soymilk Beverage Macadamia Nuts"

"Lamb raisins" and "macadamia nuts" are on sale from the "Kikkoman Soymilk Beverages" series. Comes in a 200ml (6.76us fl oz) paper pack, and the estimated price is 90 yen each (excluding tax).

In the past, punchy flavors such as "chocolate mint" and "mitarashi dango" have also appeared in the series. What kind of taste is it this time? I drank two.

[Soy milk drink ram raisins]
The first impression is that the raisins are stronger. The concentrated sweetness spreads softly. Next is the soft richness of soy milk. To be honest, I hardly feel the claim of "rum", but the mellow scent of raisins goes through my nose.

Kikkoman "Soymilk Beverage Lamb Raisin"
Contains 4.2g (0.07oz) of dietary fiber

[Soy milk drink macadamia nuts]
It tastes more like nut milk than soy milk. There is no soybean-specific bitterness, and only the richness of macadamia nuts strokes the tongue. The light fragrance is felt in the sweetness. As a nut lover, it's very satisfying.

Kikkoman "Soymilk Beverage Macadamia Nuts"
Contains 1.9 mg of vitamin E

Even if it's ice cream

You can drink it as it is, or even the booming "soy milk ice cream" is delicious. I frozen it in the freezer overnight as a pack, and thawed it naturally at room temperature for about 15 minutes before eating.

"Soy milk drink rum raisin" is a refreshing feeling of rum raisin gelato. It melts smoothly with the heat of the tongue with a crispy mouthfeel, leaving a mild sweetness and aroma.

Kikkoman "Soymilk Beverage Lamb Raisin"
At first it is a click, but when it melts, use a spoon

"Soy milk drink macadamia nuts" is very delicious with the richness of nuts and the refreshing feeling of ice cream! I personally tried "soy milk ice cream" in various flavors, but the macadamia nuts were delicious, competing for one or two.

Kikkoman "Soymilk Beverage Macadamia Nuts"
Repeat decision

Perfect for snacks when you're hungry or for dessert after a meal. The amount of heat per one is around 120kcal.