Starbucks "Sakura Blooming Saku Frappuccino" and "Sakura Soy Latte

Starbucks SAKURA Season 2023 Part 1

The first part of SAKURA Season 2023 will start on Wednesday, February 15 at Starbucks. The Sakura Blooming Saku Frappuccino and Sakura Soy Latte will be on sale from Wednesday, February 15 to Tuesday, March 14 (except at some stores).

SAKURA Season 2023 Vol. 1

The concept of this year's SAKURA series is "SAKURA HAZUMU. Starbucks' SAKURA, which is in full bloom earlier than the cherry blossoms, will deliver a cherry blossom experience that will make your heart flutter. In addition to beverages and food, the AR, which provides an early cherry blossom viewing experience every year, has been upgraded.

For the first time at Starbucks, "Start Moving! Poster AR" will be added to the content. You can enjoy a different, more vibrant, and brighter cherry blossom experience than last year.

Starbucks SAKURA Season 2023 AR

Sakura Blooming Sakura


The "Sakura Blooming Sakura Frappuccino" is a combination of the "blooming" of cherry blossoms and the "crunch" of macaroons, allowing you to fully enjoy cherry blossoms in terms of appearance, texture and taste. Strawberry-flavored macaroons, which add a light texture and a pretty appearance, are topped with whipped cream to resemble cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Starbucks "Sakura Blooming Saku Frappuccino".

Sakura Jelly" mixed with cherry petals is placed at the bottom of the cup, and Sakura Strawberry Flavor Frappuccino mixed with Sakura Flavor Pearl Sugar is added to create the image of cherry blossoms in full bloom throughout the cup. This beverage will make your heart beat faster with the arrival of spring.

Starbucks "Sakura Blooming Saku Frappuccino".

Tall size only. 678 yen to-go, 690 yen in-store.

Sakura Soy Latte

Hot beverage with Sakura Strawberry Sauce and steamed soy milk. Topped with "Sakura Strawberry Shave" and "Pink Silver Sugar" to resemble cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Tax included: to-go Short 540 yen / Tall 579 yen / Grande 624 yen / Venti 668 yen. In-store use: Short 550 yen / Tall 590 yen / Grande 635 yen / Venti 680 yen.

Soy milk (prepared soy milk) is not milk or a dairy beverage, but this product contains dairy ingredients.