MARUSAN-EYE "Soy Milk Drink An Butter Flavor 200ml

Marusan-Eye will release "Soy Milk Drink An Butter Flavor 200ml (6.76us fl oz)," a soy milk drink that recreates the trendy an-butter with soy milk. It will go on sale on September 1 and will be sold in a 200 ml bottle for 95 yen (excluding tax).

Soy Milk Beverage An Butter Flavor

This dessert soy milk beverage uses Hokkaido azuki red bean powder and has a rich buttery flavor with the firm bean taste of anko (red bean paste) and a gentle sweetness. No dairy or wheat ingredients are used. The classic and trendy an-butter has been recreated with soy milk.

The balance of anko (red bean paste) and butter has been carefully balanced to create a sweetness and density that is not too strong, so it can be enjoyed as is, frozen as soy milk ice cream, or hot.

The package sizzles with a toasted an-butter that is easy for anyone to understand, and has a cute retro design reminiscent of "Junshocha" (traditional Japanese coffee shop).

If frozen, do not defrost. The original flavor will be lost.
When warming it up, be sure to transfer it to a separate container such as a cup.