Marugame Seimen "# Marugame Momoya Topping Festival"

At each Marugame Seimen store, a campaign "#Marugame Momoya Topping Festival" will be held from February 25th in collaboration with Momoya (excluding some stores).

A campaign where you can top with 3 popular Momoya products. "Edo Murasaki rice!", "Spicy and not spicy chili oil" and "Plum rice only" will be sold for 30 yen (tax included) each.

In addition, at the fan meeting held on February 11, a tasting party was held earlier, and it seems that the trick arrangement of Momoya topping was born. Click here for 4 types of arrangements carefully selected from them.

1. Kamaage udon with plum toro moon viewing
A combination of kamaage udon, "ume gomi", tororo, hot spring egg, and wasabi. Add the tororo, hot spring egg, and "umego only" to the dashi stock, mix well, and add the green onions to your liking. Arranged to entangle noodles and add a little wasabi just before eating.

2. Nori seaweed tororo noodles
A combination of seaweed udon noodles, "It's rice!", Tororo and wasabi. Mix the tororo and "It's rice!" And wasabi first, and put it in the udon noodles. Mix well and sip vigorously.

3. Plum onion Fujimi udon
A combination of kake udon, "ume only", green onion, and grated radish. How to eat by mixing "ume only" and green onions, putting them on udon noodles, and putting grated radish and ginger on them. Miso is topping little by little and eating while scraping.

4, Refreshing plum grated bukkake
A combination of bukkake udon, "plum go only", grated radish (2), and hot spring egg. Mix "Umego no Mi" and grated daikon radish thoroughly and add to the bukkake udon with hot spring eggs. Break the egg at your favorite timing and enjoy the change in taste.