MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Saeko : Suddenly, do you usually make sweets?

Konzaki : I don't do it at all. Because it's faster to buy

Saeko : I don't make much, but I found a MUJI "two-color macaron that I make myself" and bought it.

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Konzaki : Macaroons are an advanced level of sweets making ... Can even beginners like us do it?

Saeko : Let's challenge together!

◆ Challenge

Konzaki : The ingredients are almost a set, but you need to prepare water and milk yourself.

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Saeko : Thank you for the polite recipe card and wrapping bag. First of all, mix powdered sugar and almond poodle and sift it twice ... Zubora has a high hurdle (laughs)

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Konzaki: I have to sift the strawberry and pistachio flavors twice each for a total of four times. let's do our best

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Saeko : I'm getting a pain in my wrist, so I'll take turns ~

Konzaki : Next, mix macaron mix and 20g (0.71oz) of water and whisk with an electric hand mixer for about 3 minutes.

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Saeko : The point is to weigh the water well.

Konzaki : After mixing well, add the sifted powder. I will mix it with a spatula

Saeko : The guideline for the end of mixing is that the dough slowly flows down into the bowl, but it's clearly hard ...

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Konzaki : I have a bad feeling, but let's make it without giving up.

Saeko : I'm trying to squeeze the dough in a bag, but the dough is too hard to work well (laughs)

Konzaki: I 'm already enthusiastic here

Saeko : I preheated the oven to 180 degrees. Bake at 150 degrees for about 20 minutes and you're done

Konzaki: I'm a little scared of the baking

~ 20 minutes later ~
Saeko : The shape is distorted, but it swells firmly, and the roasted color on the back side is also beautiful!

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Konzaki : It has a sweet scent. It ’s awkward because I made it for the first time

Saeko : If I could make the dough a little looser, I would have squeezed it cleanly.

Konzaki : Let's revenge with pistachios

◆ Challenge by taking advantage of reflection

Saeko : The flow is the same as when it tastes strawberry, but you have to be careful not to make the dough dry.

Konzaki: I tried adding a little more water this time.

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Saeko : Making sweets is a life-threatening thing, but is it okay?

Konzaki : But it's more moist than before, and the dough is squeezed cleanly.

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

~ 20 minutes later ~
Saeko : It's baked, but ... isn't it thin? (Lol)

Konzaki: I wonder if it didn't swell because I increased the amount of water. Do I still have to keep the amount? Carved in my heart

Saeko : Maybe there was a problem with how to mix. Let's regain our mind and make a chocolate filling

Konzaki : Melt bitter chocolate and 2 teaspoons of milk in a water bath. Sandwich this with macaroons and you're done

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Saeko : It's been a long way, but I managed to do it.

◆ Tasting

Konzaki : First of all, the strawberry flavor. Strawberries scent softly after the sweetness of the dough and chocolate

Saeko : The outside is crispy and the inside is fluffy! I like the unique texture of this macaron

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Konzaki : The pistachio flavor is also delicious. The high point is that you can feel the aroma firmly

MUJI "Two-colored macaroons made by yourself"

Saeko : Both have a rich sweetness, so they are perfect for coffee and tea.

Konzaki : At first I was wondering what would happen, but I'm glad I was able to eat it deliciously.

Saeko : Let's make sweets together again

Konzaki : I will refrain from doing so for a while.