KALDI "Neko no Hi Bag" and "Neko no Hi Bag Premium
Cat's Day Bag / Cat's Day Bag Premium


Cat Day Bag and Cat Day Bag Premium KALDI COFFEE FARM is now offering "Cat Day Bag" and "Cat Day Bag Premium". The bags come with tea from the French tea brand "Jean Nats," sweets such as macaroons and chocolates, and enameled tableware with cat designs. In stores, customers can apply for the lottery in advance from January 24, 2023. Regular sales at the official online store will begin on February 22. Each person can purchase up to one set. The quantity is limited.

Cat's Day


"Cat's Day Bag" is a tote bag made of corduroy fabric with a natural pink-beige color and cute cat embroidery. Its compact size makes it suitable for packing a lunch box or going out for a short time.

KALDI "Cat Day Bag
Cat's Day Bag

The set includes "Bitter Orange Chocolate," which fills your mouth with a refreshing sour taste, and "Polvoron," a cookie with a texture that melts into a soft and flaky texture. The set also includes "Jean Nuts Caramel Tea," which has a sweet aroma that will relax you, and an original calendar with a cute Eiffel Tower design that reminds you of Paris.

KALDI "Bitter Orange Chocolate" and "Polvoron
Bitter Orange Chocolate and Polvoron

KALDI "Caramel Tea" and "Calendar
Caramel Tea and Calendar

Also included is a chic colored enamel plate with an illustration of a cat, which is easy to blend in with your dining table.

KALDI "Enameled plate
enamelled plate

Details are as follows

Original Cat's Day Bag (1 piece, 20 cm (H) x 29 cm (W) x 9 cm (G), 29.5 cm (H) handle)
・ Original Bitter Orange Chocolate (6 individual pieces)
・ Original Polvoron (approx. 8 pieces)
・ Jean Nuts Caramel Tea (8 tea bags)
・ Jean Nuts Calendar (1 piece, for February 2023-February 2024)
・ Original enamel plate (1 piece, 20 cm in diameter)

Price: 1,650 yen (tax included, same as below)



s Day Bag Premium "Cat's Day Bag Premium" is a tote bag made of navy corduroy fabric with a cute cat embroidered on it. The bag has a wide gusset and is large enough to hold a large amount of items, making it suitable for everyday use.

KALDI "Cat's Day Bag Premium
Cat's Day Bag Premium

The set includes chocolate-covered macaroons in two flavors: a bitter dark chocolate flavor and a creamy nutty praline cream flavor; cookie cream chocolate with cocoa cookies kneaded into the chocolate for a crispy texture; and Jan Nuts Caramel Tea with its sweet aroma. Tea filters and original calendars are also available.

KALDI's "Chocolate-Covered Macarons" and "Cookie Cream Chocolate
Chocolate covered macarons and cookie cream chocolate

The product also comes with large and small enamel containers that can be stacked and stored compactly in an easy-to-use design that fits in with the table.

KALDI "Enameled Container

Details are as follows

Original Cat's Day Bag Premium (1 piece, 27 cm (H) x 33 cm (W) x 13 cm (G), 46 cm (H))
・ Original Cookie Cream Chocolate (7 individually wrapped pieces)
・ Original Chocolate-Covered Macaroons Dark & Praline (1 each)
Jean Nutz Caramel Tea (40g (1.41oz))
・ Jean Nutz Calendar (1 piece, for February 2023-February 2024)
・ Original Enamel Container (Large: 14.2cm diameter x 5.5cm height, Small: 12.2cm diameter x 4.7cm height)

Price: 2,750 yen.