Freshness Burger "Blueberry Cheeseburger"

I ate the freshness burger "Blueberry Cheeseburger" (480 yen plus tax) that was revived in the planning of the TV program! Is there a good balance between sweetness and saltiness?

◆ The taste is surprisingly ...

The beef patty is topped with fluffy cottage cheese and rugged blueberries in a firm and meaty place with bacon. Seasoned with balsamic sauce.

Freshness Burger "Blueberry Cheeseburger"
When you bite ...

It's really delicious. The fluffy, soft and juicy patty, the smoky aroma and umami of bacon, and the refreshing sweetness of the popping blueberries. But it doesn't feel strange at all! Speaking of which, I often mix fruit sauce with meat dishes.

Freshness Burger "Blueberry Cheeseburger"

The refreshing, pale cottage cheese also nicely combines sweet blueberries and salty meats. Also, the amount of blueberries is exquisite, so the sweetness is not noticeable overall. I imagined sweet and sour pork with a fruity feel like pineapple, but it was more casual!

Even if it's sold as a regular menu, I think it will repeat. It was so delicious. People who like salted caramel, honey chicken, and other sweet and sour foods will be addicted to it.