One coin lunch of Taiwanese food "Takumi"
Lunch for 500 yen!

"Takumi" in Meguro, Tokyo is a Taiwanese restaurant where you can eat lunch for 500 yen. It's a shop with Taiwan Snacks.

Taiwanese restaurant "Takumi" in Meguro
The shop is here

The location is Kamiosaki intersection in front of the Garden Museum, which is located on Meguro-dori towards Shirokanedai from Meguro station. It is a place where the residential area and the office area meet, but there are a lot of office workers at lunchtime on weekdays. Dim sum is also popular, but the one-coin lunch is eye-catching. There are two types of rice, "Sanko rice" and "Red-cooked rice" that can be eaten for 500 yen (tax included, same below).

This time I ordered red-cooked rice. A dish of chicken and root vegetables stewed in soy sauce, entwined with thick bean paste and hung next to rice. The set comes with medicinal soup.

One coin lunch of Meguro "Takumi"
Red-cooked rice

The saltiness of the medicinal soup is modest. However, it is often dashi and rich. The taste that permeates the belly with each scoop. I am grateful when I am weak at the turn of the season, and my feelings are relieved. The wolfberry fruit is colorful and fun for the eyes.

Takumi medicinal soup
Medicinal soup is less salty but rich

Even if you taste it with a spoon at first, you will take the handle of the cup and drink it directly from the middle. When I'm a little calm, I'll start with rice.

Takumi no Yakuzen Soup
Colorful wolfberry fruit

Red-cooked rice is ankake rice. There is plenty of rice and rice. It contains chicken thighs, radishes, and carrots. A bite size that is easy to take with a spoon. When I put it in my mouth, the shape was solid, but the meat and vegetables were so tender that they quickly crumbled on my tongue.

Takumi's red-cooked rice
Plenty of volume

It has a faint octagonal flavor, but the use of spices is very restrained, and the taste of meat and vegetables is well expressed, and there is something similar to Japanese food. It's a simple structure, but I'm very satisfied with it for 500 yen.

Red-cooked rice in Meguro
Around meat and vegetables