Lu Mei" at Matsuya

Lunghi Rice will go on sale at Matsuya on September 13 at 10:00 a.m. (except for some stores). The lineup also includes "Lunghi Rice Combo Beef Rice," "Lunghi W Combo Beef Rice," and "Lunghi Combo Beef Rice Waku Waku Set.

Matsuya Lunghi Rice

Matsuya, which continues to take on the development challenge of arranging international flavors such as shukumerli and cacciatore to suit Japanese rice, has introduced a typical Taiwanese dish called "Lunghi Rice". This time, the commercialization of the dish was realized by adopting a suggestion from an employee working at the store.

Lu Mei" at Matsuya

Matsuya's "Lunghi Rice" is made by stewing diced pork belly in a special sweet and spicy sauce until it becomes thick and tender, and the braising liquid and rice are a perfect match. The braising liquid and rice are a perfect match. The dish can be enjoyed with a seasoned egg made by the company (except in Okinawa) to mellow the meat, and sansho (Japanese pepper) to add a tangy flavor. The price is 680 yen (same price including tax for both in-store and take-out.)

Lunghi Rice Combo Beef Rice

Lunghi W Combo Beef Rice

For those who want to taste not only the pork flavor but also the beef flavor, the "Lunghi Rice Combo Beef Rice" (680 yen) is also available. The "Lu Lu W Combo Beef Rice" (950 yen), with double the amount of Lu Lu, is also available.

Matsuya "Lunghi Rice Combo Beef Rice

To celebrate the new release, a large serving of rice will be offered free of charge until 10:00 a.m. on September 20 for those who order "Lunghi Rice," "Lunghi Combo Beef Rice" or "Lunghi W Combo Beef Rice".

Lunghi Combo Beef Meal Wakuwaku Set

This set comes with "Sumikko Gurashi Original Goods" in addition to the beef rice and raw vegetables. The price is 780 yen.

Matsuya "Lunar Combo Beef Rice Wakuwaku Set

Miso soup is not included in the take-out set, but can be purchased separately for 60 yen.