Lawson "Blancpain cheese"

The "Bran Series" sold at each Lawson store (excluding some stores) is a low-carbohydrate bread series that uses bran, which is the exodermis of grains. Among them, the standard one is "Blancpain 2 pieces-use milk-", but did you know that the cheese flavor "Blancpain 2 pieces-cheese-" with dice cheese kneaded is also on sale?

Lawson "Blancpain" 2 types

"Blancpain 2 pieces-Cheese-" is made by kneading dice cheese into a bran dough that suppresses the taste of bran, topping it with grated cheese, and baking it fragrantly. No artificial sweeteners or sugar. One sugar is 2.0g (0oz). The price is 150 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Blancpain 2 pieces-Cheese-"
2 blancpains-cheese-

The soft dough sinks softly when you bite it, and when you chew it a little, you can enjoy a slightly moist texture. Satisfaction with the richness and flavor of cheese. The cheese is strong and the scent of bran is not so much felt, so it is also recommended for those who eat blancpain for the first time.

Lawson "Blancpain 2 pieces-Cheese-"
Cheese flavor

The classic "Blancpain 2 pieces-using milk-" is a moist baked product that suppresses the taste of bran. It is simply finished with just the fabric. Each sugar is 2.2g (0.07oz). The price is 125 yen.

Lawson "2 blancpains-using milk-"
2 blancpains-use milk-

The softness of the dough is the same, but this one has a slight sweetness and a scent of bran. I think that many people are not good at "blancpain" because it has a unique flavor, but I personally think that Lawson's products are fairly easy to eat. If you are still worried about it, you may want to sandwich it with ham, cheese, lettuce, etc.

Two types of Lawson Blancpain
Milk is used on the left and cheese is on the right

Lawson's "Blancpain 2 pieces-Cheese-" is recommended for those who are not accustomed to the flavor of bran or who are tired of the classic blancpain. When you see it, pick it up!