Lotteria "Halloween potatoes & fried chicken"
Let's share and eat with everyone!

"Halloween Potato & Karaage" will be on sale from October 18th at each Lotteria store (excluding some stores).

A Halloween campaign that has been held every year since 2016. This year, in addition to the regular menu "Bucket Potato" and "Bucket Chicken Karaage", there are 3 new products "Bucket Potato Karaage" containing 3.5 pieces of "French Fries S" and 6 pieces of "Chicken Karaage". Will be sold.

Lotteria "Halloween potatoes & fried chicken"

The bucket fries are a share pack containing 5 pieces of "French fries S" fried in 100% vegetable oil (when fresh oil). The price is 600 yen (tax included, same below).

Bucket chicken fried chicken is a share pack containing 18 "chicken fried chicken". It is seasoned with a soy sauce base in the image of fried chicken. The price is 600 yen.

From the bucket potato, you can enjoy French fries S and chicken fried chicken at the same time. For a limited time until October 31, the price is 600 yen.