Fuji Soba's new menu "Fried Shumai Soba"
Fried dumplings by the side

I have tried the new menu "Fried Shumai Soba" of Fuji Soba. The fried shumai skin is crispy and the contents are juicy and delicious. But is this Japanese food or Chinese food?

Fried Fuji Soba Shumai will be available in mid-October. Initially, the place where you can eat is limited to 4 stores: Hinodemachi store, Motosumiyoshi store, Tsunashima store, and Roppongi store. In the future, it aims to expand the number of stores it handles. The price is 450 yen (tax included).

I immediately tasted it at the Roppongi store. As with other menus at Fuji Soba, buy a meal ticket at the ticket vending machine, put it out at the counter, and wait for a while. It doesn't take much time.

"Fried Shumai Soba" by Fuji Soba
There is no particular discomfort

The fried shumai is hot and the skin is crispy. When you raise your teeth, you can feel the gravy on your tongue. It has a strong scent of minced pork and is a decent Chinese dumpling. However, it is interesting that it is soaked in warm soy sauce, which is the Japanese food itself, instead of vinegar soy sauce or chili oil, and the taste is a little tasty.

"Fried Shumai Soba" by Fuji Soba
It ’s a decent dumpling.

There are 5 fried dumplings in all, and it's fun to eat them little by little with soba and other condiments.

Soba is an ordinary soba from Fuji Soba. There is nothing special to mention. The usual, natural, soba that you won't get tired of eating. However, when I go out with Shumai, I feel like I'm tasting something different.

"Fried Shumai Soba" by Fuji Soba
Ordinary soba. Very familiar

Shumai and soba that go well with each other. Everything was flattened when it was slippery without any resistance, but while looking at the empty bowl, I reconsidered the previous question. Is this Japanese food or Chinese food?