Dessert Buffet "Alice in Christmas Magic" at Hilton Tokyo
Welcome to the world of Alice

The dessert buffet "Alice in Christmas Magic" will be held from November 5th to December 25th at the "Marble Lounge" on the 1st floor of Hilton Tokyo.

The image of "Christmas magic" that occurs in a romantic space where gold and red are applied to the white world. You can enjoy all 30 kinds of desserts and light meals.

A lineup of beautiful desserts, including "Snow Crystal" sandwiched with pear compote and maple cream with cassis, and "Alice on a snow sledding" coated with white chocolate on pandepis. "Her Majesty Alice" and "Drink", which look like a crown, decorate the buffet table.

Dessert Buffet "Alice in Christmas Magic" at Hilton Tokyo
Her Majesty Queen Alice

Small sweets include matcha and mascarpone cream cupcake "Little Little Tree" and coconut flavored white roll cake "Lost White Rabbit". "Honey lemon tea scones" and rose-flavored tarte tatin "The Queen of Hearts" are also available.

Dessert Buffet "Alice in Christmas Magic" at Hilton Tokyo
It's like a tree

There are 10 types of Christmas-like pasta and sandwiches. You can also enjoy "food tricks" that look like desserts or savory (light meals).

Venue: Marble Lounge (Hilton Tokyo 1F)
Period: November 5th-December 25th 14: 30-17: 30 Price: Monday-Friday 3,800 yen, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 3,920 yen * Taxes and service charges are not included