Hilton Tokyo Dessert Fair "Your Cinderella Story"
Enchanted with sweet magic

The Christmas dessert fair "Your Cinderella Story" will be held from November 1st to December 25th at the "Marble Lounge" on the 1st floor of Hilton Tokyo. A fair perfect for the glamorous season, with the theme of the story of Cinderella.

Two different Cinderella stories inspired by the story of Charles Perrault. You can enjoy about 30 kinds of desserts that fully express the world view.

In the "Eternal Cinderella" corner, there are white chocolate mousse cake "Prince is waiting!", Chocolate tart "Time stop" that imaged the stairs of the castle, and "Stop time" with a lace-like arrangement. The lineup includes "Tonight's dress". Pumpkin carriages and glass shoes studded with rhinestones also decorate the buffet table.

The "I don't need magic!" Corner expresses the modern version of Cinderella, where you can find a prince by yourself without the help of magic, with unique decorations and colorful desserts. You can enjoy "Smart Bites", which is a fruit mousse cake coated with white glasage.

In addition, "Cinderella Room", which is a collaboration with Israeli-born bath and body care brand SABON, is also available. Cinderella's room, which does not rely on magic and is devoted to polishing herself, is fashionably directed by the clawfoot bathtub, dresser, and SABON's 2017 Christmas collection "CELEBRATION Essence." You can enjoy a unique view of the world with "Mandarin Verrine" and "Berry Tart", which are inspired by the scent of mandarin orange and pink berry.

Christmas classic "Bush de Noel", "Canele" born from "ash cover" which is the reason for Cinderella's name, "Mixed berry salt cheese tart" which imaged a mean stepmother and two sisters, etc. A lineup of desserts with plenty of humor. Light meals such as chocolate fountains, ice cream and sandwiches are also available, and are recommended for a spectacular Christmas dessert time or a late lunch.

Venue: Marble Lounge (Hilton Tokyo 1F)
Period: November 1st to December 25th Time: 14:30 to 17:30 Price: 3,800 yen (2,400 yen for children), Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 3,920 yen (2,450 yen for children)
* Tax and service charge are not included