Kaito famous tea brand "Kinka Pu'er tea"
The taste that comes out in a high Chinese restaurant

If you go to a slightly expensive Chinese restaurant, you will find Pu'er tea on the menu or as a service. Kaito Meisha brand "Kinka Pu'er Tea" can be drunk in a PET bottle. Sugar-free and authentic. You can enjoy the flavor that seems to go well with rich Chinese food.

I saw it at Natural Lawson in early October, so I bought one. The price is 151 yen (tax included). Looking at the package, it is organic.

Kinka Pu'er Tea Package
The package is organic

As for the taste, the strength of the individuality that you can immediately tell the difference from other teas such as oolong tea just by taking a sip. A twisted scent reminiscent of herbs or herbs fills the nasal passages.

That Pu'er tea itself that you can enjoy during and after a meal at a Chinese restaurant. It is interesting to be able to drink easily with a PET bottle.

Kaito famous tea brand "Kinka Pu'er tea"
You may be accustomed to whether or not you can get rid of it.

It's quite rich, but if you're used to Chinese tea, you might be able to drink it very much. It is pleasant to have a refreshing aftertaste after having a strong bitter or astringent tea in your mouth, rolling it with your tongue and drinking it.

As for the timing, it seems refreshing to drink after eating grilled gyoza, thick ramen, or greasy Chinese food. Probably it goes well with sweets like moon cake.

Also, if you drink it little by little, even people who are new to Pu'er tea may enjoy it. Recommended for those who like oolong tea in PET bottles but want more variations.