Shunkado's premium chestnut yokan "Juhachiri"

"Premium" chestnut yokan "Juhachiri" is now available from Shunkado, which is familiar with "eel pie". Limited to 1,000 boxes sold at the official online shop. Products will be shipped from October 12th.

Shunkado's chestnut yokan is actually older than eel pie and has been loved by the local people of Hamamatsu for many years. Introducing this time is "Chestnut yokan for chestnut lovers using chestnut bean paste" that Japanese sweets craftsmen have warmed up for more than 10 years.


"Juhachiri" uses domestically produced new chestnuts. Yokan is made by adding strong flour to Kuri-kinton, which is made by adding white bean paste to make it smooth. Here, the chestnuts that are said to bring out the chewy texture to the maximum are topped. It seems that you can enjoy the texture of "mochiri hokuhoku" that is particular about the ingredients and steaming time, and the luxurious taste of chestnuts.

Shunkado's premium chestnut yokan "Juhachiri"

By the way, the product name is chestnut yokan, which is a combination of chestnut bean paste and honey-pickled chestnuts.

The price is 2,916 yen (tax included) for 3 bottles.

Shunkado's premium chestnut yokan "Juhachiri"
As a gift for chestnut lovers