Kiyoken's "Halloween Limited Black Shumai Man & Pumpkin Man"
Halloween like Kiyoken

"Halloween Limited Black Shumai Manga & Pumpkin Manga" has appeared from Kiyoken. It is on sale until the end of October.

A set where you can enjoy two types of bite-sized buns, "Black Shumai Manju" and "Pumpkin Manju". The shumai bun is made by wrapping the shumai bean paste in Chinese bun dough, and this time it was dressed in black after Halloween.

Pumpkin bun is characterized by its soft texture and gentle sweetness, which is made by wrapping pumpkin bean paste and diced pumpkin in orange dough. Halloween-only "pumpkin" and "ghost" branding irons are stamped on the top.

The calories are 41kcal for one black dumpling manga and 42kcal for one pumpkin manga. The price is 550 yen (tax included) for a total of 10 pieces, including 2 types x 5 pieces.