KitKat Mini Kikyo Shingen Mochi Flavor
Nice collaboration

"KitKat Mini Kikyo Shingen Mochi Aji", which was developed as a local souvenir, will be on sale from October 15th at the Kikyoya directly managed store and the souvenir shop in the Chuo Expressway service area. The sales area will be expanded one by one. The price is 780 yen (excluding tax).

Yamanashi's classic souvenir "Kikyou Shingen Mochi" collaborated with KitKat. Kinako powder, Kikyouya's special black honey, and glutinous rice are powdered and kneaded between the wafers. By wrapping it in Kikyo Shingen Mochi flavored chocolate, it seems that the elegant taste was reproduced with KitKat.