"KitKat Almonds & Cranberries in Gap" and "KitKat Almonds & Cranberries in Gap"

"KitKat Gap Jikan Almond & Cranberry" and "KitKat Gap Jikan Almond & Cranberry Ruby" will be released on March 29th. Pre-sale from March 15th at convenience stores and Nestle online shops.

The project "#Hey KitKat" started on the official Twitter account of "KitKat" in April 2020. People who are busy with work, housework, childcare, etc. have increased the number of posts about the worries that occur in the days of New Normal, and many voices of sympathy for those posts are gathering.

Through the "KitKat" brand, which has been supporting people who are trying hard for a long time, we want them to listen to the voices of those posters and enjoy a little time in their stressful days. "KitKat Almond & Cranberry" has been developed.

KitKat Almonds and Cranberries in Gap

Based on moderately sweet milk chocolate and ruby chocolate with a pink color derived from cacao, it is topped with almonds and cranberries. "Petit sweets" that combine the crispness of "KitKat" with the flavor and texture of toppings.

KitKat Almond & Cranberry Ruby in the Gap

The individual wrapping is designed with messages and everyday scenes that make the eater sympathize and smile. It is a product that can be enjoyed as a companion to work, housework, and childcare.

"KitKat Gap Jikan Almond & Cranberry" and "KitKat Gap Jikan Almond & Cranberry Ruby"

The contents are 7 pieces of "KitKat Gap Jikan Almond & Cranberry" and 6 pieces of "KitKat Gap Jikan Almond & Cranberry Ruby". The estimated price is 213 yen each (tax included).