KitKat Chocolatery Pick To Mix "Pistachio" "Salt Caramel"

New flavors for Valentine's Day "Pistachio" and "Salt Caramel" will be released in January from the gift service "KitKat Chocolatery Pick To Mix" where you can combine as many favorite flavors as you like according to the number of recipients and tastes. It will be released on the 15th. Available at "KitKat Chocolatery" stores.

KitKat Chocolatery

"KitKat Chocolatery" is a specialty store that delivers "Premium KitKat" that is particular about materials and manufacturing methods to family, friends, and colleagues under the full supervision of Yasumasa Takagi, the owner and chef of "Le Patissier Takagi". We are developing products with a sense of quality and commitment that are perfect for petit gifts and rewards for yourself.

The service "Pick To Mix", which started in October last year, is popular because it allows you to combine as many tastes as you like according to the number of recipients and your tastes. On the back of the product, information on raw materials, nutritional information such as calories, and storage methods are also described.

Pistachio salt caramel

Among the various chocolate flavors, by adding the popular nuts "pistachio" and "salt caramel" as well as milk, bitter, strawberry and matcha, we have strengthened the "Pick To Mix" service, which is characterized by "fun to choose". increase. Pistachio has a deep nutty flavor, while salted caramel has a sweet and fragrant caramel flavor combined with salt.