KitKat mini whole grain biscuits in

Nestlé Japan will release a new product, "KitKat Mini Whole Grain Biscuits in", which is kneaded with whole grain biscuits, on March 8th. A new series that will appear for the first time in about 10 years from "KitKat".

"KitKat" is a chocolate brand that has been sold in more than 100 countries around the world since it was launched in the United Kingdom in 1935. In Japan, with the slogan "Kit, wishes come true.", It is also popular as a communication tool that conveys support and gratitude to loved ones not only during the examination season but also in various scenes throughout the year.

KitKat Mini

The familiar "KitKat Mini" in the red package is a long-selling product featuring a perfect balance of crispy wafers and chocolate. "KitKat Mini Adult Sweetness" was launched in 2010 as a product that allows you to enjoy the modest sweetness that is perfect for adults, and has developed multiple flavors such as "Matcha" and "Strawberry". In addition, a total of more than 400 flavors such as "KitKat Chocolatery" supervised by a popular pastry chef and matcha flavor and sake flavor have been developed.

KitKat The sweetness of adults

"KitKat Mini Whole Grain Biscuits in" is the first new series in about 10 years under the "KitKat" brand, following the "KitKat" and "KitKat Adult Sweetness" series. In response to the background that whole grain flour is attracting attention as a healthy material, Nestlé has developed a special "whole grain biscuit". We aimed to create a product that allows you to easily enjoy the deliciousness of whole grains with "KitKat". You can enjoy the crunchy texture and fragrant flavor of whole grain biscuits kneaded into chocolate coaching.

KitKat mini whole grain biscuits in

3 and 13 pieces are available at supermarkets and drug stores nationwide. 11 pieces are available at convenience stores nationwide.

KitKat mini whole grain biscuits in