PRONTO "Cheese Souffle Pancake"
Have you ever eaten PRONTO pancakes?

Did you know that the limited store of Cafe Chain PRONTO offers "Cheese Souffle Pancake" (540 yen including tax) that everyone in the know knows?

This is insanely delicious ! I personally think that the quality is comparable to that of famous pancake shops. You can go to eat this!

◆ Tasting review

Two pancakes that are fluffy baked. Each is about 8 cm in diameter and about 3 cm thick. Pure white powdered sugar is fluffy sprinkled on the dark brown top surface.

PRONTO "Cheese Souffle Pancake"
Freshly made and others

If you take a bite of freshly baked hot ...

PRONTO "Cheese Souffle Pancake"
It's a fine cross section

Hmm, it's delicious !! The moment you chew, it melts in your mouth softly and smoothly. The richness of the refreshing cheese, which is thick and sticky, but has no peculiarity. A taste that goes well with coffee, with a mixture of elegant sweetness and a slight acidity.

PRONTO "Cheese Souffle Pancake"
Like a warm cheese souffle

You can enjoy a different taste by sprinkling a piece of butter or the maple syrup that comes with it. Layer the saltiness of butter and the fragrant sweetness of maple.

PRONTO "Cheese Souffle Pancake"
Melt maple syrup

It's moist like a souffle cake rather than fluffy, so it stays firmly in your stomach. Deliciousness comparable to pancake specialty stores!

Unfortunately, there are some shops that are not offered, but if there is a shop nearby, please try this impression once. By the way, I visited the PRONTO Il Bar Yokohama Joinus store this time.

* Product information is as of the time of writing the article. In addition, the offer time may be decided depending on the shop.