Lotus biscuits spread

"Bread" biscuits. "Lotus Biscuits Spread" is on sale. The estimated price is 500 yen (excluding tax).

A spread where you can enjoy the taste of "Lotus Biscoff Original Caramel Biscuits" born in Belgium. The caramel flavor and the faint cinnamon scent are reproduced. Two types, "Smooth" and "Crunch", are available.

Lotus biscuit spread
Familiar biscuits spread

Smooth has a smooth texture like peanut butter. The taste is exactly Lotus Biskov itself! The sweetness peculiar to caramel with a slight bitterness spreads. Then the scent of cinnamon is fluffy. Sweet and spicy, delicious like biscuits.

Lotus biscuit spread
Smooth and easy to apply to bread

The crunch is characterized by a crunchy texture. You can enjoy not only the taste but also the texture like a biscuit. You can eat as much bread as you want.

Lotus biscuit spread
Crisp and light

There are various arrangements such as combining with pancakes and waffles and using it as a confectionery ingredient. Make a simple parfait by layering granola and fruit (this time using banana) on a cream that combines spread and mascarpone cheese. The richness of mascarpone wraps the flavor of caramel and the strong sweetness of banana. The texture of granola is an accent.

Parfait with lotus biscuit spread
Topped with biscuits to finish

"Lotus Biscuits Spread" is irresistible for Lotus Biscuits fans. It goes great with coffee and tea, so be sure to have it beside you and enjoy it together!